Bamboo wind chimes, natural finishing, 12 large tubes


This handcrafted bamboo wind chime, which is made in Indonesia, has the powerful sound of mountain winds. It adds more character and a special touch to any home and garden. Suitable as a decoration both indoors and outdoors. In addition to the decorative purpose, bamboo tubes also make a beautiful sound that creates a peaceful idyll in any garden or backyard.

The whole hanging height 130 cm, width 33 cm, height of the biggest bamboo tube 40 cm.

Bamboo tubes - 12 pcs.

Handcrafted in Indonesia.

Material: bamboo, natural finishing.

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Wind chimes are enchanting musical instruments. Their iridescent tones, created by the caresses of gentle winds, refresh the spirit, restore vitality, inspire and stimulate creativity. Their swaying sound has a mesmerizing effect and therefore has a positive effect on the functioning of our brain, helping to reduce the level of stress hormones in the body and thereby relieving stress, filling us with a feeling of peace, calm, and deep relaxation.

They seems ethereal, fusing and uniting the sacred element of the air, our physical world, and the heavenly spirit world. Many are drawn to the mytsical wind chimes, even if they don't understand why. Their sounds are very fascinating and captivating, and they have a magical charm for the heart. The iridescent sound of these bells penetrates deep into the soul, echoing against the farthest bottom of the soul. As if you were hearing a distant mystical call from ancient times.

Wind chimes also heal the spirit. Their positively charged sound energy helps to release emotional blockages.

Wind chimes create balance, harmony and well-being around them, bring peace and solemnity to your home or garden - depending on where you place them.

The high-vibrational sounds of wind chimes have an energetically protective effect, scaring away unwanted guests, misfortune, and any negative energy.


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