Oil burner - Venetian style, with leaf ornaments, round-shaped


Oil burners are ceramic mini-sculptures that can be used for aromatherapy with essential oils or aroma waxes.



  • height 10.5 cm
  • diameter 8.5 cm

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Use instructions for oil burners

Oil burners are ceramic mini-sculptures with a small cavity above it for storing the water or wax, and it is empty inside so that a small candle can be placed inside to heat the liquid. Oil burners are easy to use and practical.

When using essential oils  or essential oil blends add a little water to the cavity (maximum to the edge of the cavity) and then add 2-3 drops of favorable essential oil. Later, if you want a more intense aroma, you can also add 3-5 drops of oil. Place a burning candle under the water cavity and wait until a few minutes later for a pleasant aroma to fill the room.

When using aroma wax melts remove the packaging from the selected aroma wax and place it in the water container of the oil burner. Place a burning candle under the water cavity and burn the candle until all the aroma wax has melted and the room is filled with a pleasant aroma. If you want to use a different aroma wax in the meantime, but the old one is still left, place the aroma lamp in the freezer for a while and the wax will come off the oil burner itself.


Before using the oil burner, make sure that there is enough water or wax in the container. Never burn an oil burner without water or wax, as the product may crack or break!

Never leave the burning oil burner unattended!

Keep it out of the reach of children and pets.


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